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We're the #1
Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners
in the state of Florida!
We take care of you,
Your clothes and the



We Specialize in cleaning and caring for all your bespoke wear, evening wear and designer wear.

Make Room in


Make room in your closet. Your nicely cleaned and pressed garments can’t wait to see you again, wherever you may be.

We love getting our hands on a good garment. Our designer label and couture services ensure that each piece is personally inspected to assess and determine the best cleaning method

Service as Refined as Your Wardrobe:

Clothing is personal… You don’t want to entrust it to just anyone, especially your designer, couture and other sentimental items. That’s why Sudsies has created a special service for our loyal clientele, whereby you can enjoy our expertise and high-level care no matter where you live or where your travels take you. The process is simple and flexible to what you and your garments need.

Sudsies Express Is Ideal For:

  • Loyal clients who have just made a permanent move and can’t bear to part with their favorite dry cleaner

  • Snowbirds seeking to maintain quality care of their clothing year-round

  • Jet setters who value the convenience of their favorite wears delivered fresh directly to and from their destination of choice

  • Designer and couture items because they deserve the utmost care from dedicated professionals